: Getting Started with Microsoft 365

The perfect way to get started with Microsoft 365 is gathering enough information and purchasing depending on your requirement. You can then easily download and install the software package by visiting or any other relevant site.

What is Microsoft 365?   

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based productivity suite that brings robust desktop office apps, including MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It’s work on a membership-style program used for personal, business, workplace, and students. 

Microsoft office 365 is easy to start and available to work with large enterprises, small and midsized businesses, schools, and non-profits. One can install the service suite on Windows, Mac, and smartphones like android, iOS, and tablets.

Office 365 can be subscription-based (if you want to) or one-time purchase and make it easier to set up for a long duration as if you have an annual plan. In addition, you won’t have recurred payments and can still use the required productivity program. Therefore, clarify your product requirements and set up MS Office 365 quickly.   

A Quick Guide to Microsoft 365

  1.  Purchase the software pack & get a keycode
  2.  Visit
  3.  Move to Microsoft login or make an account
  4. Use the product key to download Microsoft 365 software
  5. Start the installation
  6. Enter one-time purchased code
  7. Activate Office apps and 365 services to get started
  8. Follow instructions to finish the process.

How do you purchase Microsoft 365?

There are multiple ways to purchase Microsoft 365 subscription, though we’ve shown two commonly used methods here;

Method 1- Through Online Web Portal

  • Go to the site.
  • Click “Microsoft 365″ from the top menu.
  • Select an option from Home, Business, Enterprise, or Education.
  • Choose your plan, i.e., Family or Personal, and monthly or annually.


  • Click on “Buy Now” and sign in.
  • Select billing method and finish the payment.
  • Office 365 purchase is successful.            

Method 2- Buy From Microsoft Store

  • Open Microsoft Store from Windows start menu.
  • Search Microsoft 365.
  • Select a plan for 1 person or upto 6.
  • Choose either “Buy and Download” or “Buy Now.”


  • Sign in to your Microsoft account.
  • Complete the payment and finish the purchase.    

Creating An Account For Microsoft 365 Login

A Microsoft account works as a key tool to install Office apps or Microsoft service anytime, anywhere on any device; therefore, having this account is essential. If you already have a Microsoft services associated account like OneDrive,, Skype, and Xbox Live, then login directly to Office 365. Otherwise, follow the below instructions to create a new account;   

  1. Go to Microsoft’s official site, i.e., 
  2. Click “Create a new account.”
  3. If you continue with Sign In, select Create one!
  4. Enter an outlook email address or make a new one.  
  5. You can otherwise use your mobile number.
  6. Next, create a password you will use for Microsoft 365 login.
  7. Follow instructions to finish the account sign-up process.   

How to set up Microsoft 365 for the first time?

The first-time setup needs to be done using 25 digits product key. Make sure you already have the Office product key and an account as well. Then follow the below instructions; –

  • Step 1 – Visit     

Launch a web browser and enter in the search URL bar to open Microsoft 365 Setup website. 


  • Step 2 – Sign In or Create An Account 

The new Microsoft window asks you to sign in. Click on blue colored “Sign In” tab and enter the Microsoft account credentials associated to Microsoft 365. You can also use other accounts such as Skype, outlook, windows. If you don’t have an account yet, click “Create a new account” instead of “Sign In” and follow the instructions to sign in.Step-2-–-Sign-In-or-Create-An-Account-min

  • Step 3 – Enter Microsoft Subscription Product Key 

Once you signed in on the site, a product key field box appears. Copy the code from the confirmation email or see the retail card, enter the 25 characters’ product code carefully, and click NextStep-3-–-Enter-Microsoft-Subscription-Product-Key-min  

  • Step 4 – Download The Microsoft 365 Software Pack 

You’ll automatically reach to Microsoft 365 download page, hence click “Install Office” to start the software download.  Step 4 – Download The Microsoft 365 Software Pack

  • Step 5 – Continue With Install Office Option

See whether the current operating system is selected and hover the mouse on Install Office. Then, hit on the “Install Office” tab. Finally, click Install to continue the downloading.

Step 5 – Continue With Install Office Option

  • Step 6 – Save Installer File To Your Device

Depending on your browser, click Save or Save As to save the Microsoft 365 installer in a location.Step 6 – Save Installer File To Your Device

  • Step 7 – Install The Microsoft Software Pack

 Click “Run” or double-click on the .exe or .dmg to start the installation. Follow on-screen instructions to finish the Microsoft 365 installation.   

Step 7 – Install The Microsoft Software Pack

  • Step 8 – Finish The Microsoft 365 Setup  

Activate the software pack by entering a keycode (only if asked) or signing in. Next, see the animation (If you can’t find Office apps) and click Close. You can now open and use Office apps.Step 8 – Finish The Microsoft 365 Setup

Why should you use Microsoft 365?

Switching from Microsoft’s other service to Microsoft 365 could be the best decision for your business, home, or personal work experiences. It includes collaborative features and provides robust Office desktop apps –

  • Word,
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook, and
  • OneNote

Publisher, OneDrive, Exchange, Skype, SharePoint, Access, Planner, and Teams are additional services depending on Microsoft 365 complete subscription package. In addition, for a better integrated experience, it offers other cloud-connected features and online storage with up-to-date fixes, security updates, tech support, and more.

Subscription Benefits –

If you’ve successfully installed Office apps from or, then here are some benefits you can have with Office 365 Subscription –

  • It’s available for 1 to 6 people
  • 1 TB Cloud storage per person
  • For mobile app, specific premium safety features
  • All the Office 365 apps are available for PC, smartphone, tablet, and Mac   
  • Collaboration is easy between coworkers.
  • Upgrades are automatic


For Windows –

  • Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2019, 2016
  • 1.6 GHz or faster, 2-core Intel processor
  • 2 GB or 4 GB RAM
  • 4 GB hard disk space

For macOS –

  • Most recent three versions of macOS.
  • Intel processor
  • 4 GB RAM 
  • 10 GB hard disk space

How to install or reinstall Microsoft 365?

Here are basic installation instructions for Office 365;

Microsoft 365 installation on Windows

Ensure your Windows fulfills office installation requirements, then follow a step-by-step guide:    

  • Step 1 – Go to Online Portal 

Open an internet web browser on your Windows (Chrome, Edge, default, or any other) and enter on the search address tab. Next, press Enter key, and you’ll be redirected to MS 365 setup page.

Step 1 – Go to Microsoft365 setup Online Portal

  • Step 2 – Enter Microsoft Account Login Credentials 

The webpage asks to enter account details; therefore, click “Sign In” and provide Microsoft account ID/phone number and password. In another case, create a new account to sign in.  

Step 2 – Enter Microsoft Account Login Credentials

  • Step 3 – Provide Product Key, If Prompt

If your product isn’t redeemed earlier, then you’ll see a box to redeem it. Carefully type the 25 digits key code you currently have and submit it. 

Step 3 – Provide Product Key, If Prompt

  • Step 4 – Download Microsoft 365 Installer On Windows

On the following two pages, click the “Install” and “Install Office” tabs. Then, depending on the currently used browser, click Run, Setup, Save, or Save File to start Microsoft 365 download. 

Step 4 – Download Microsoft 365 Installer On Windows

  • Step 5 – Run Microsoft 365 Installer File 

Click Run from browser downloads or double-click on the “microsoft365.exe” installer file from the default downloads folder on your Windows drive. It’ll start the installation automatically. 

Step 5 – Run Microsoft 365 Installer File

  • Step 6 – Click Yes And Accept Software Terms   

A user access prompt changes the device setting for Office 365 software installation, so click “Yes” on the User Account Control prompt. Thereafter, software agreement appears, then read and accept it.

Step 6 – Click Yes And Accept Software Terms

  • Step 7 – Finish The Installation And Get Started  

Installation continues, so wait for a few minutes. Finally, a message appears on the installation end – “You’re all set! Office is installed now,” you have two options here. Either play the animated video to find apps or select Close.

Step 7 – Finish The Installation And Get Started

  • Step 8 – Complete With Office 365 Activation

 Now, you’ve to open any app, for example, MS word, from Windows Start Menu. Then, accept license terms and log in to your Microsoft account. Office apps are activated and ready to use now.

Step 8 – Complete With Office 365 Activation

Install Microsoft 365 on Mac PC, Laptop

Make sure you have above macOS 10.13 and later version with no similar installed app. start the installation with the below guidelines:

  • Step 1 – Open URL onMac Browser 

Launch and open mac browser Safari or any other browser and visit, the official site. Pressing Enter key will redirect you to the Microsoft 365 setup page.

Step 1 – Open Microsoft365 setup URL onMac Browser

  • Step 2 – Login to MS Account Or Create One

Tap on the “Sign In” option and go next. Enter account username, click Next and enter the password to log in. Otherwise, follow instructions with “Create an account” or Create One link.

Step 2 – Login to MS Account Or Create One

  • Step 3 – Use The Product Key To Continue, or Skip 

If your product key isn’t activated through or Microsoft store, then it’s essential to enter the Microsoft 365 subscription code to redeem the product.

Step 3 – Use The Product Key To Continue, or Skip

  • Step 4 – Download Microsoft Software On Mac 

Click “Install Now” on the current page and again click on “Install” next. Confirm the setting and start the office 365 download on your macOS.

Step 4 – Download Microsoft Software On Mac

  • Step 5 – Run The Microsoft365.pkg Installer 

Go to Downloads and double-click on the downloaded microsoft365.pkg file to execute the installer. Then, click “continue” and accept the software license agreement.

Step 5 – Run The Microsoft365 Installer

  • Step 6 – Review The Disk Space Requirements     

In the next Office screen, you can change the way of installation, then click continue. Further, you have to check whether your macOS have enough storage, otherwise, browse the location and click Install.

Step 6 – Review The Disk Space Requirements

  • Step 7 – Enter Mac Login Password To Continue The Installation 

If you want to install a specific MS office app, you can customize and uncheck what you don’t want to install. Now, provide your mac admin password, continue with the “Install Software” tab.

Step 7 – Enter Mac Login Password To Continue The Installation

  • Step 8 – Close Installation And Activate Apps

Click Close when Microsoft 365 pack installation is finished, then open MS Word. Next, click “Get Started” and enter Microsoft login credentials to activate and use the service features.

  Step 8 – Close Installation And Activate Apps

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there any difference between Office 365 and Microsoft 365?

No. Office 365 is the old name of Microsoft 365. This cloud-based subscription is the new version of Office.               


Is Microsoft 365 worth buying?

Microsoft 365 plans are available for one person, family, and business. Therefore it’s always the best option to buy any of these plans.  


Where do I get Microsoft 365?

You can purchase Microsoft 365 online or visit a nearby local store. Additionally, you can ask third-party stores to get the service pack.


Where should I activate my Microsoft product key?

If you recently purchased a product key for Microsoft, visit the website to activate it.


What if failed to activate my product?

If the Microsoft 365 setup site couldn’t activate the key, you can try out the same process at or  

Uninstalling Microsoft Office 365

For any reason, your installed Office 365 may show errors or failed to run on your PC or Mac; therefore, it may force you to close any of the apps anytime. So this came up with one solution – uninstallation, then reinstallation through account login at This guide will show you how you can easily uninstall your software pack from your device without deleting your saved files, documents, workbooks, etc. 

Uninstalling Microsoft apps from your PC

You have two options to remove the software.

Uninstall Option 1: Uninstallation Tool or Control Panel

·  Uninstallation Tool

Install “Office uninstall support tool” from the official portal and run the “SetupProd_OffScrub.exe” file on your PC. Then, choose the Microsoft office version to uninstall and follow on-screen prompts to finish the process.

·  Control Panel

Open your system control panel, open “Programs,” and click on the “Programs and Features” tab. Then, right-click on the Office product and click “Uninstall” to finish the process.

Uninstall Option 2: Microsoft Store

Suitable for Windows 10. Select “Start Menu” and open the “Settings” tab. Here, you have to click on Apps and select the version you want to remove, so click Uninstall to end this

Uninstalling Microsoft 365 from your Mac

For older versions and newer Microsoft macs, Office apps uninstallation may differ a little. For any macOS version, it is essential to sign in with your mac administrator. Then, follow the below instructions.

Remove From Mac Apps

make sure your admin ID and password is processed to signed in, then open Finder > Applications and select all Office for Mac apps by commanding (Ctrl) +click, then click “Move To Trash.”

Remove From Dock

If your Office apps are in Dock, then each of your saved applications and Ctrl + Click the app, click Options and Select From Dock.   

Mac 2011

You have to quit all the running apps before you remove Office 365. Now on open Finder, tap on Applications, find your Office version, and drag the folder to Trash. Restart your system once done.

Reinstalling Microsoft 365 Software

A few easiest steps you already are familiar with are used to reinstall the complete Office 365 pack. See guidelines here. 

  • First of all, you have to uninstall the older version of MS 365 from your PC or laptop.

uninstall the older version

  • Secondly, open a browser to start the online reinstallation process.
  • Then, sign in to Microsoft account associated to a 365 subscription through or

the Services and Subscription

  • Go to the Services and Subscription page and click on Installs.
  • You’ll find your Office 365 product. Click Install Office.
  • The software downloads automatically or select a preferred option like Save, Save As, Run if required.
  • Double-click on software from the download location to reinstall it on your device.

Double-click on software

  • Follow on-screen instructions to finish Microsoft 365 reinstallation and select your Microsoft account from the account option to stay activated.        

How to Renew Microsoft 365

When your subscription expires, the software automatically starts notifying you. Hence, you can renew it directly from notification links or expiry emails that Microsoft sent you recently. 

You otherwise can purchase a new copy- key from the local store and add to page or follow below online method as well; 

Step 1. Visit site.

Step 2. Enter the subscription account credentials.

Step 3. Click “Renew Now.”

Step 4. Select a plan and click “Renew.”

Step 5. Start payment & billing and finish Microsoft 365 renewal.

Microsoft 365 New Features 2021 

Microsoft releases new upgrades to its services every year. With the standard Office apps, you also get other services such as Project, Visio, OneDrive, OneNote, and more. New features downloads automatically.

Last two latest releases of 2021

May release was Version 2105 (16.0.14026.20246) with updates in Excel and Outlook. In excel, the new link data type has been added and the new Accessibility ribbon and responding time of received messages in Outlook.

Microsoft 365 version 2103 (16.0.13801.20266) was updated in March 2021 with new features, including Comments improvement in Word, Ready-made graphics in Visio, Multiple language dictation in Outlook and Word, The contextual mini toolbar in PowerPoint. 

Note For Readers – Instructions on this page are shown to assist the user in installing the Microsoft product via Similar guidelines are valid to follow on, however, the Microsoft store follows up different steps. For any query or technical issues, Microsoft support is available to contact and resolve your issues.