Microsoft365.com/setup | Sign In, Enter Product Key & Get Office Apps | Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 setup offers Office apps and additional Microsoft services. Microsoft365.com/setup offers access to the Microsoft 365 software product. This portal allows downloading office apps on your 32 or 64-bit system. In addition, you can activate the Microsoft services using a product key, and so a Microsoft account will be needed. Use your Outlook, Skype, Xbox or any other Microsoft account to sign in. To avoid any error during Microsoft 365 installation, follow the instructions mentioned below.        

How to create an account for Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft account leads you to multiple activities in product activation, installation, renewal, and more. If you already don’t have an account for Ms Office 365, follow the below steps:-

  1. Go through the Microsoft login page.
  2. Open microsoft365.com/setup or visit account.microsoft.com.
  3. Click on “Crete a Microsoft account” close to the “Sign In” tab.
  4. Enter an email address or get a new one.
  5. You can use a phone number instead.
  6. Click next.
  7. Provide your first name, last name and create a password.  
  8. Select your language, country and language.
  9. Verify the Microsoft login account and try Sign In after.

How to download Microsoft 365 through microsoft365.com/setup?

Before you try installing Microsoft 365, 

  • Ensure you already have created a Microsoft account  
  • Make sure you have purchased a copy of the office key or keycard.
  • Check whether your system (Windows or Mac) is ready for software installation.
  • Close all background apps during office 365 setup installation. 
  • Don’t get confused with Microsoft 365 setup and office 365 setup, both are the same.
  • It’s important to know that the steps are shown below also lead similar to office 2019 setup installation.
microsoft365.com setup
microsoft365.com setup

Instructions to Microsoft 365 download – Follow steps  

  • Launch an updated web browser (use default or other according to your choice) for a smooth start.
  • Go to the microsoft365.com/setup page on this browser.
  • You are on Microsoft 365 page.
  • Click Sign In. You can create an account as well.
  • Enter Microsoft account login credentials to sign in.
  • If prompt, type ms office 365 product code in shown boxes.

Note: if you don’t get any product key box, your subscription is activated already.

  • The Office home page displays, find your office 365 products & subscription.
  • Thereafter, click on Install Office. 
  • Alternatively, select 32 or 64 bit and your device type.   
  • Start the Microsoft 365 download for your device.
  • Double click to run the office 365 setup once it gets download. 

How to install Microsoft office 365 for the first time?

Installing Microsoft 365 on a PC, laptop, Mac, or any other device is as easy as other software installation. However, instructions may vary for different devices and version of office 365. Start first time setup for MS office 365.

microsoft365.com setup
microsoft365.com setup

Microsoft 365 for Windows

Windows 10 already comes up with a set of office apps, but if you have another version of Windows, go through the below instructions to install office 365:- Microsoft365.com setup.

  1. Sign in to microsoft365.com/setup with Microsoft login.
  2. You can otherwise use Microsoft 365 product key.
  3. Download the latest version of office365 for windows.
  4. According to your browser type, select an option to run/start the installation.
  5. If the installation wizard doesn’t appear, double click on .exe setup.
  6. Click “Yes” to allow the app to make changes to the device.
  7. Microsoft 365 installation for windows begins.
  8. Complete the action by activating the software.    

Microsoft 365 for Mac

Make sure you are using any three latest versions of macOS for smooth installation. Microsoft365.com setup

  • Go through microsoft365.com/setup and get office 365 for Mac.
  • Open the ‘Downloads’ folder and find the ms office 365 setup file.
  • Click twice on the installer.pkg file you downloaded recently. 
  • Continue by accepting Microsoft software terms.
  • Click ‘Continue’ and hit on ‘Install.’
  • Type the correct password of Mac login when prompt.
  • Wait for the office 365 installer file to get extract and install itself.
  • Exit the screen after installation on mac.
  • Open any Office app to activate Microsoft services and get started. 

If you’ve already used the office product key at microsoft365.com/setup or office.com/setup, then you’ll only require to sign in after software installation. Stay signed in to keep your apps activated.